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Technology makes it possible to support my clients remotely.  Creation of the Virtual Tax Manager™ was developed for the small and mid-size client that benefit from my talents on an occasional basis.  Familiarity with the clients business is gained in conjunction with routine utilization of my services.  The Tax Wellness Assessment™ is highly recommended for an initial consultation and identifier of where my services  are best utilized.


A comprehensive review of the client’s state and local tax policies and procedures.  Better than 50 check points target specific areas of tax policies and procedures to measure a clients tax health and risk for audit issues or write-offs.  The review is followed up with a detail report on strengths and weakness is provided along with suggestive actions for improvement and corrections to jurisdictional weakness and technical oversights that are discovered through the process.  The review requires an onsite visit to the client and interview with key functional managers that intersect the tax process.


There are thousands of state and local taxing jurisdictions within the U.S.A. with a diverse application of tax to various elements of equipment leasing and finance.  Tax guidance is provided on an as needed basis with most standard questions answered in 15 minutes (minimal time charge) with some taking 30 minutes because it may be necessary to do quick research and provide a write up that can be given to the customer or another department. 


Providing tax research to complete or update state tax matrices is something most leasing companies lack the internal resources to accomplish.  I've reviewed a number of tax matrices preparred by very good tax professionals with insufficient knowledge of the industry and structure of the underlying transactions.  These very good professionals erred in applying state law and regulation to arrive at answers given to the client.  Getting the correct tax treatment, particularly sales tax, requires a very good understanding of the industry, the clients business model and documents.  I fully understand the business and employ the prerequisite knowledge required to get my clients on the path to healthy tax compliance and no change audits.

My knowledge of the industry and thorough understanding of most all state and local jurisdiction taxes places me in a unique position to structure complex and large transactions to preserve tax benefits and exemptions and advise on documentation and processes that can threaten some of the best tax plans if not carried out correctly.


Most taxes, other than those on net income or specifically excluded by terms of the agreement, are the lessee's responsibility.  Every now and then the pass-through of tax obligations goes astray and the relationship of the parties is stressed.  A knowledgeable third party can minimize the stress on the business relationship and offer guidance on the technical nature of the tax as it pertains to each parties obligation and provide solutions to bring each party back into compliance with the agreement.