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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have outsourced my tax returns.  How can The Tax Coefficient help me?

A: The Tax Coefficient can help with many items that facilitate your tax data provided to the return preparation service.  Improved tax data will not only reduce your audit exposure, it will also your relationships with customers by providing tax billings that meet their expectations.

Q: Why should I consider The Tax Coefficient to review the adequacy of  my tax policies and procedures?

A: The most concise answer is for peace of mind.  Peace of mind knowing there are no signficant tax bombs waiting to be discovered by auditors.

Q: I have a tax accountant that handles all my tax matters.  How can The Tax Coefficient help me?

A: You may have a great tax accountant that serves you well and perhaps we can not help.  However, do take a moment to look at our page titled 'Tax Coefficient Model' and if you feel you are missing any of these factors you may address it with your accountant or feel free to call and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. 

Q: What if I have more than 10 questions?

A:  I would say you are either a serious thinker or in serious need of  tax assistance.  Send us an email with your questions and we will respond to relative questions concerning the benefits of our service.

Q: An outside firm completed a tax manual for us 18 months ago.  How can The Tax Coefficient help me?

A: State and local tax laws and regulations change.  If you are not receiving updates, chances are you may be out of compliance with one or more taxing jurisdictions.

Q: Our customers never have tax questions, our tax audits are no change and we spend very little time calculating or accounting for taxes.  How can The Tax Coefficient help?

A: You are either a charitable and tax exempt organization . . .or. . . you have already figured out the factors for your own tax coefficient..  In either event The Tax Coefficient praises you and your contribution to these amazing tax results.  If you would like to boast and share your great discoveries in managing your tax affairs, we would love to read them.