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About The Tax Coefficient

The Tax Coefficient is vested with more than 30 years of leadership experience in business tax compliance, research and planning. The Tax Coefficient's mission is to be the leader in training, development and management of solid business tax practices that are substantially compliant with all jurisdictions in which the client conducts business. Our client focus is with the equipment lease and finance industry and with fast growing middle market companies which, as a result of their rapid growth, may be deficient in some areas of tax compliance.

The Tax Coefficient has consistently exceeded expectations in tax services for numerous equipment leasing and finance companies. We specialize in a wide array of state and local taxes and our attention to detail is an essential trait of our success. In the spirit of proactive tax strategies, The Tax Coefficient will serve as a leader in advocating public and administrative tax policy that promotes a level playing field, uniformity and simplification on tax related matters.

The Tax Coefficient client can synergize their current tax resources with our diligent review of their practices to mitigate excessive tax and penalties. Our clients understand that reducing tax and penalties allows them to return these savings back to the customer and shareholders thereby gaining an additional competitive edge. With years of intimate state and local tax knowledge and a sense for process efficiency, The Tax Coefficient has helped numerous clients achieve amazing tax results.

The Tax Coefficient Motto:

   "Taxes are our passion, Clients are our livelihood!" 

About The Principal and Founder

Valerie Pfeiffer is Managing Principal and Founder of The Tax Coefficient. Her 30+ years of tax experience covers international, federal, state and local corporate tax. With a forte' in sales and use tax, in 1985, Valerie received a professional designation as "CMI" from the Institute of Professionals in Taxation (“IPT”) and served as instructor for several years at the Institute's annual sales tax school. As a charter member of IPT, she served on various committees including the Computer Usage in Sales and Property Tax which was instrumental in introducing Tax Professionals to the efficiencies of PC’s and canned tax preparation software back in the 80’s during the emerging years of micro-computing. She has spoken on the subject of advance recycling fees, sales and property tax at several tax and leasing conferences and served as technical advisor for the chapter on sales, use and property tax in the book Business Leasing for Dummies.

     As member and current chair of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association's (“ELFA”) State Government Relations Committee, Valerie has worked with state government and other industry members on numerous matters of taxation affecting our industry for the last 20 years. In 2005, she received ELFA’s Distinguished Service Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and contributions to the association and industry. As a proactive member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Tax Policy Committee, she has provided expert testimony on various matters of taxation affecting Michigan business to House Tax Policy and Senate Finance Committees. As an active participant in the Streamline Sales Tax Project and lead spokeswoman for the leasing industry, in 2002, she received a Gubernatorial Appointment to serve on Michigan's Streamlined Sales Tax Business Advisory Board from Governor Engler.

      As a pioneer in emerging matters of taxation, Valerie’s most recent activity dealt with implementation of Puerto Rico’s newly enacted sales tax and electronic waste advance recycling fees. Uniformity and simplification of administration are ideals sought as various state governments enact new laws affecting industry. Her leadership and depth of experience make a substantial contribution in achieving these ideals.